Granville T. Woods Academy of Innovation - SHELBY COUNTY
GTW Innovation Afterschool (Grades 4-8)

Purpose of Program
The purpose of the Granville T. Woods (GTW) Afterschool is to provide students a free-of-cost safe and enriching environment to support students’ academic growth, health, and developmental needs. Housed at GTW Academy of Innovation in Memphis, TN, the program is funded through a partnership with the USDA’s Children Youth and Family at Risk grant, the University of Tennessee Extension (Shelby County), and the University of Tennessee.

The overall goal of the CYFAR grant is to provide funding to programs that equip students and families with the skills for leading positive, productive, and contributing lives. We envision an afterschool program that provides students with academic enrichment opportunities that reinforce and complement the regular academic program and provide supportive services to help students and their families thrive.

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